A Clinical Trial in


Ovarian Cancer


What is ARTISTRY-7?

ARTISTRY-7 is a research study enrolling adult patients with advanced or metastatic (cancer that has spread) epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer that has become resistant to platinum-based therapy.

This study is testing an investigational treatment called nemvaleukin alfa (nemvaleukin) in combination with another treatment called pembrolizumab (KEYTRUDA®) in comparison to chemotherapy. Pembrolizumab is an approved treatment for some types of cancer, but is not approved for the treatment of ovarian cancer alone or in combination with nemvaleukin. Nemvaleukin is investigational and not approved by any regulatory authority. It is not known if nemvaleukin, alone or in combination, is safe or effective.

This study is being funded by the pharmaceutical company Mural Oncology.


Quick Facts about ARTISTRY-7

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Open-Label Study

Both the participant and doctor will know what treatment the participant is receiving.

International Study

This study is being conducted in countries across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

Drug Administration

The medications used in this study will be administered via an IV (or intravenous, meaning through the veins) infusion.

ARTISTRY-7: Treatment a Participant May Receive

ARTISTRY-7 has four different treatment groups. Participants will be randomly assigned to one of these groups. The four groups are shown below.

Group 1

Nemvaleukin in combination with pembrolizumab

Group 2

Pembrolizumab alone

Group 3

Nemvaleukin alone

Group 4

Investigator’s choice chemotherapy
(including pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (PLD), paclitaxel, topotecan, or gemcitabine)

What is Nemvaleukin?

Nemvaleukin is an investigational treatment that is currently being evaluated in studies of advanced cancers. Nemvaleukin is not approved by any regulatory authority.

Nemvaleukin is a modified molecule that binds to a protein known as the interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor and has the potential to stimulate the body’s immune system which may help fight certain types of cancers. Nemvaleukin is given intravenously (through the veins) as a 30-minute infusion in this study.

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